Sholay hills

This was originally known as Ramnagiri hills and was hugely famous due to famous shooting of blockbuster movie “SHOLAY”. This hill in fact resembles hanuman and has spectacular view and it’s about 400 meters from our resort.

Ramadeva betta/Temple (trekking) - ( 1.5kms from resort )

There is a beautiful temple of Lord Pattabhi Rama on the top of Ramnagiri hill. The climb is not a steep one and it has about 450 steps to reach temple. Also provides a stunning panoramic view of Bangalore.

Janapada Loka - ( 11kms from resort )

Also known as folk- culture world provides an incredible experience of local folk, art and culture. They have an art gallery, open air theatre, museum and a studio. The museum has a wonderful collection of 5000 artifacts that symbolize the spirit of Karnataka’s folk culture. It also includes a range of agricultural hunting and fishing implements, weapons, ingenious household gadgets, masks, dolls and shadow puppets.

Kanva Reservoir - ( 20kms from resort )

It’s a popular tourist spot for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Revansiddeshwara Betta - ( 21kms from resort )

This is one of the famous Shiva temples in our country. Situated 3066 feet above sea level, is perfect place for rock climbing and trekking. The view from the top of the Hill is spectacular.

Kokkare Bellur - ( 36kms from resort )

This spot is well-known for its Spot Billed Pelicans and the Painted Storks that can be sighted here in enormous numbers. This is located at a beautiful village which is covered with paddy fields, cattle, water, and a lot of exotic birds.

Cauvery fishing camp - ( 43kms from resort )

Kayaking, trekking, coracle riding and mountain biking are various activities that you can take pleasure in .If you are a nature lover , you can also enjoy watching around 95 species of birds, crocodiles, and turtles.

Shimsha falls - ( 45kms from resort )

Also known as the Markonahalli Dam is situated across the Shimsha River at a height of 731.57 m above sea level. The dam was built for irrigating 6,070 hectares of land.

Talakadu - ( 60kms from resort )

It is believed that this land was cursed to be buried in sand and thus you can come across about 30 temples submerged in sand here. Every 12 years a fair is conducted here called Panchalinga Darshana in honor of the five Shiva temples.

Melukote Temple - ( 65kms from resort )

As per mythology, the Melkote was known as Narayanadri, Vedadri, Yadavadri, Yathishaila and Thirunarayanapura.This temple is built on granite rocky hill that also include some of the oldest rock formations known as Yadavagiri or Yadugiri and provides spectacular view of the Cauvery valley.

Srirangapatna temple/fort - ( 78kms from resort )

Temple is dedicated to Sri Ranganatha, a manifestation of Vishnu. This is one of the temples which were altered and was very well preserved by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. This temple depicts the love and secularism that existed during those times.

Ranganthittu Bird sanctuary - ( 80kms from resort )

This sanctuary is situated across an island and spread over an area of 40 acres. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a key nesting and breeding ground for infinite number of species of birds. In fact you would also be able to see a huge number of migratory birds who come all the way from Siberia, North America and Australia.